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Scriptwriting Comedy for 50M+ Views on YouTube

Content partner for the course: TheSoul Publishing

Course expert: Scriptwriter for YouTube projects, TV rubrics, and comedy shows.

Improve your scriptwriting skill set when creating  comedic stories for an audience of millions.

 50% discount

 30$ 15$

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Filming Creative Social Media Videos With Your Smartphone

Content partner for the course: 5-Minute Crafts 

Course expert: Producer and actor from the popular TikTok channel Archie5.

Learn how to create unique and spectacular video content on your phone that will get hundreds of thousands of views on social networks.

 50% discount

 30$ 15$

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Million-Views Goals: How to Write Your Way Straight Into Your Reader’s Heart

Content partner for the course: Bright Side

Try your hand at a mini-course on writing Bright.Side-style articles with an opportunity to join our editorial team.

 75% discount

 20$ 5$

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How to Make an Engaging Highly-Informative Video and Get Millions of Views

Course partner: Bright Side YouTube is famous for engaging, narrated videos that showcase travel and exploration, self-improvement, gadgets, riddles, and pop-culture.

We’re ready to share a mini course with you that will help you find out the secrets of creating a hit in this popular informational style.

 50% discount

 30$ 15$

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How to Think Outside the Box and Come Up With Viral Ideas

Content partner for the course: TheSoul Publishing

Course expert: Lead Finder of our Spanish Editorial ( at TheSoul Publishing.

You'll get a guide to coming up with cool article ideas based on credible sources and responsible information.

50% discount

 30$ 15$

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Why us?

TheSoul is an educational platform curated by TheSoul Publishing – one of the largest online media publishers in the world. We shoot videos, produce animations, and write articles for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Many of our projects are global hits. In 2021 we became the first digital publishing house in the world to reach 100 billion views.

TheSoul Education Platform is our way to share our experiences and build a productive and inspiring creative community of digital media professionals. We talk about what we know ourselves or invite experts we trust to lead our courses.

Use our experience

We've compiled information in these courses that we ourselves had to learn through trial and error. Our experts are people who have created successful projects with their own hands and who are now ready to share their experience.

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You no longer need to surf the entire internet in search of reliable information. Everything is already packed into short courses and you will have access to the materials forever.

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Each course has practice tasks. All you need to do is download a template, a checklist, or use the tips to practice your skills so you can master the basics much faster and start improvising. 

Development tracks

Track is a structured set of courses and community support that will help you reach your goal.

$ 200 $ 99

Installment plan for 6 months

YouTube Creators Club: How to Make a Video That Will Be Watched by Millions

Understand the features of the platform, choose a promising idea, and figure out how to implement it. Courses from the creators of YouTube channels with millions of views.

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$ 200 $ 99

Installment plan for 6 months

Content maker: How to Write Engaging Content

Create professional blog posts, video scripts, social media creatives, and other content that will grab the attention of millions. You will learn how to invent engaging stories and manage the attention of readers on
any platform.

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$ 200 $ 99

Installment plan for 6 months

Animation and Illustration: The Path to the Profession

From the nuances in the style of illustrations and character design to the technical aspects of creating 2D animation. Take best practices that have been proven by projects that are watched by the whole world.

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Special programs

Online and offline internship programs from partners. Intensive learning and an opportunity to get your dream job.


TheSoul Publishing Management Accelerator Program

6 month internship, with the opportunity to visit several studios in Europe and become part of the TheSoul Publishing team. 



SMM BoostCamp

30 free places for an educational program in social media marketing (SMM).1.5 months, the best students will receive a job offer.



Video Boostcamp

Free school for future actors and video designers from one of the largest online media publishers in the world. The best students will receive a job offer.


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